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More lovely art for me~

Request: Jackie and Vincent by Cherrylt [COM] Sparky-the-Scraggy [3/3] by PandasInMuffins
.: Request series 1 / Sparky-the-Scraggy:. by MinatoP3-Tatty
SSE Event! Sakura X Izumi by LinaXxXHayabusa
Request~ Sparky-the-Scraggy by LordTiggs
Shiloh by MerrilyWeRosalynn
Request - Ayame and Tsubasa by Fennix-Cat
Where the girls at? by Beyblade-Princess
(Request) Jackie by Hopelo
PComm: Sparky-the-Scraggy by fae-chii
LenaxRyo by Donutaku
Sparky the Scraggy by Hao-S
Saya Yamaguchi - contest by Hao-S
Hidake - Contest by Hao-S
Request by SakuraAyame
Jackie by MerrilyWeRosalynn
Sparky-the-Scraggy Commission by Reiyoko-chan
Jackie - commission - by VanessaGiratina
PC May by OkamiTsume
Kokoro Commission by dsilvabarred
Neji and Jackie - St. Valentine's Day by Hao-S


[Commish] Lena-Uchiha8 by OkayIlie

Dancing With The Cherry Blossoms by Katsumi29
Vincent and Jackie - Contest Entry by Darth-Crumb
Um ..this is for you.... by ZaskyaChocoHolic
:AT: Sparky-The-Scraggy by funCatty




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Sun Dec 7, 2014, 7:56 AM
I don't know if you're active, but I just wanna tell you that you look cute and <small> I really want to get to know you...
Sun Nov 9, 2014, 5:27 AM
Thu Jun 5, 2014, 7:35 AM
Wed Jun 4, 2014, 7:09 PM
Tue Jun 3, 2014, 9:37 AM
Sun Jun 1, 2014, 3:37 PM
Fri May 30, 2014, 2:53 PM
Poptarts are attacking! I repeat POPTARTTTTSSS are attacking!
Mon May 19, 2014, 8:38 PM
Sun May 18, 2014, 1:21 AM
Mon May 12, 2014, 2:03 PM
You're awesome :cheer:
Mon May 12, 2014, 2:02 PM
Sun Apr 27, 2014, 5:05 PM
Sun Apr 27, 2014, 2:41 PM
Thu Mar 27, 2014, 9:47 PM
YO~~~ what up? *epic face*
Thu Mar 6, 2014, 4:37 PM
//steals your panties and runnnns
Thu Jan 30, 2014, 2:40 AM
Wed Jan 29, 2014, 8:23 PM
Wed Jan 29, 2014, 7:45 PM
It is quite the lovely shout SfonieNyan
Wed Jan 29, 2014, 2:56 PM
*this is a shout lol xD*
Wed Jan 29, 2014, 2:41 PM



Somewhat upsetting news

Sat Aug 9, 2014, 11:06 AM
My Gallery Llama me??

I'm not ever here that often anymore because deviantArt and my Internet Browsers in general are really beginning to cause a lot of stress for me..
I know I have art to work on for people, and their reminding me often starts to make me feel awful for not finishing it in time, and then I feel too depressed to work on it, and then when I feel better, I either forgot or I'm busy when I remember.

Basically, what I'm saying is, I will slowly be trying to upload pictures for the people I owe art to.
I won't be able to announce the winners of my Summer Contest just yet because I know I don't have the points to give to them, so I really don't wanna feel like I'm cheating them out of their rightful prizes..

I will take forever to do the drawings[[I don't have a compatible scanner for my new laptop, which sucks, but I have to deal with it :/]]
and after I finish them, I will still most likely be gone more often than not..
If you want to talk to me, I have Skype and KIK.
I also deactivated my Facebook account.
I won't deactivate my DA account, cause I know I'll wanna come back and check up on everything occasionally, and also continue posting art and what-not, but I legitimately had a sickening addiction with coming on here. I would feel ill at the thought of what might happen while I was gone..
That's how attached I was to this site.
I feel like it'd be better if I don't come on here often because I worry about not being able to function properly again..

Sorry if this bothers any of you.
Thank you for reading.
Sparky-the-Scraggy, Ouuuuuuuut~Yeah!!

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My Gallery Llama me??

They made the cutest video for me.... As a Birthday present.... <3
This video. I was legitimately crying hard when I got to the end of the video.
I was trying to tell them that I liked it, but I cried instead..

:icondarkblaze-x: :iconman1cmanmario: :iconsaberxeon: and Gabe
all worked together to make this video for me.. I remember Toshi asked me my favourite characters from Super Smash Bros, and I said Marth, Link, Roy and Pit. And they went with Melee I guess because it had Roy, and I really REALLY like Roy.

Well, the reason this really got to me is because Ace[[:icondarkblaze-x:]] and LJ[[:iconsaberxeon:]] are both not entirely into voice acting, but they did this for me. And it just hit me hard in the heart, because the ending.. When it says happy Birthday.
They told me I was a part of the family.
And they were keeping this a secret for me for such a long time, and it was so long I actually forgot about the secret.
I just....
This is fantastic..
I love it.
I'm at a loss for words..

Please, they deserve so much more love than they get.
They are all so nice, they are amazing, and they're a gaming channel!!
We also read creepypasta stories, and we do post commentary.
I know this sounds like self advertising, but I'm really doing this for them, because they made me so extremely happy with this nearly 13 minute long video that took a whole month to work on....
I'm not telling you to subscribe to them, I just really think it'd be nice if you could possibly watch at least this video.

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  • Listening to: Darkthrone - The Claws Of Time
  • Reading: Well, my journal..
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  • Drinking: Iced Green Tea

Thank you so much, everyone.

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 10:49 AM
My Gallery Llama me??

To everyone who commented on my profile, thank you so much for telling me happy Birthday!!
It means so much to me that you even cared to click on my icon Today, thank you!!
I'm legitimately tearing up from how happy I am, so thank you!!

And to the people who have drawn Birthday gifts:

happy birthay Sparky! by amane-bakura-chan:BG: I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! by PsychopathLuxraySSE Summer Exchange Sparky-the-Scraggy by xRainbowxStarsx[[I know this one's not really a Birthday gift, but I'd like to count it as one since I only saw it on my Birthday, and it's close enough. So thank you]] Happy Birthday, Sparky-the-Scraggy by TokiHoshiwa Happy Birthday Sparky~!! by Blinkingpink

Thank you to everyone who drew something for me, wrote something for me, and in general stayed here for me.
I thank everyone else who will comment, and anyone else who will draw a Birthday gift for me, because it just means so much to me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I don't feel like I can say thank you enough..
You all made me day such a wonderful one, so thank you.

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  • Listening to: Darkthrone - The Claws Of Time
  • Reading: Well, my journal..
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life
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Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 12:13 PM
FIRST PLACE CAN WIN 50:points:!!
To celebrate the fact that everyone is getting out of school[[Well, they're out of school here where I live, next weeeeek yess]]I decided to make a summertime madness OC CONTEST!!


You should draw my OC[s] and your OC[s] in Summer Setting[[at the beach, swim clothes, etc]] OR getting out of school, like, throwing the books in the air like they don't care and shit!! x'D
Either way, I wanna see entries with MY OC and YOUR OC[[Or my OCs and your OCs]] out of school and partying hard! Hahaha!!
You can really draw them doing whatever, as long as it's summer related, or leaving school related.. x'DD


:bulletgreen:You don't absolutely HAVE to, but I would love it if you could possibly make a journal entry about this contest, advertising the prizes so I can get more contestants, please??
:bulletgreen:YOU MAY use bases and references!!
:bulletgreen:You may have multiple entries, in fact, it's encouraged to draw more than one entry!! Though, you can only win once!!
:bulletgreen:Any medium is appreciated!! Traditional, Digital, Literature~!!
:bulletgreen:You can draw my characters in different clothes, but please make sure they still look like who they are.. ^^; Don't change their hair and eye style or colours.
:bulletgreen:Take your time on your entry!! You have all summer to make it!!
:bulletred:DO NOT TRACE other people's art.
:bulletred:DO NOT bully other contestants.
:bulletred:If you don't win, please DO NOT be a bad sport and flame me.
:bulletred:PLEASE no joke entries....
Deadline is July 30th. If I need to extend the date for whatever reason, I'll extend it to August 23rd.


50:points: and a fullbody drawing and an icon from :iconsparky-the-scraggy:

20:points: and a fullbody drawing from :iconsparky-the-scraggy:

10:points: and a chibi drawing from :iconsparky-the-scraggy:

5:points: and a headshot from :iconsparky-the-scraggy:

Everyone who actually submits a drawing in this contest will receive one:points:!!
Only if you actually submit one[[or more]] entries, though.
Any prize contributors are more than welcome to help out with prizes!! That would be lovely!!


Pretty much any of my OCs you like~!!
I'll list thumbnails to a few of my favourites, and links to all my OCs folders

Tsundere Tactics Manga Cover by Sparky-the-Scraggy New Naruto OC: Taishi by Sparky-the-Scraggy Manami Kawasawa by Sparky-the-Scraggy  Lynn Yu Ref Page + Updated Netsugan by Sparky-the-Scraggy Nana Standing by Sparky-the-Scraggy/Nana by Sparky-the-Scraggy/Commission - Nana by Tophlee R: Ayame Honoka by MelzyV Commision: Lady in blue by HohoChiku (Request) Jackie by Hopelo Kotomi Maruwatari by Sparky-the-Scraggy Lena - New Style by Sparky-the-Scraggy/Request for sparky-the-scraggy by LadyLeio/Commission - Lena Page Doll by Akira-Melody Shocked Maya by Sparky-the-Scraggy/Maya Fujiwara Chibi by Sparky-the-Scraggy/Sexy Maya - Female Bladers Project by Sparky-the-Scraggy New Naruto OC: Sakiyo by Sparky-the-Scraggy New Naruto OC - Akane by Sparky-the-Scraggy/[KIRIBAN] Naruto OC by YokoRe Akihiro Konata Kitsuyu and Sensei by Sparky-the-Scraggy Akira Kobayashi WITH DIGITAL COLOUR PALETTE by Sparky-the-Scraggy Kimiko by Sparky-the-Scraggy Lynn Yu Ref Page + Updated Netsugan by Sparky-the-Scraggy Misaki Aburai by Sparky-the-Scraggy New Naruto OC - Miyu *BIO UPDATE* by Sparky-the-Scraggy/Miyu by steampunkskulls Kirika Takahashi by Sparky-the-Scraggy.:Hot Tea:. by EvilZera/Midori Mizu Reference Sheet by Sparky-the-Scraggy Costom Naruto Adoptable For: Sparky the Scraggy by NARUFRO93 Miyumi Kimimoto Sketch by Sparky-the-ScraggyLyra/L From Pokemon Black by Sparky-the-Scraggy Egg Chibi (Green) for Lena-Uchiha8 by NARUFRO93 :CP: *Lena-Uchiha8 by AlexandraBillafour Yandere girl - adoptable - [CLOSED] by x-Kyuu-kun-x Mini Neko Auction! [CLOSED] by MakiImoutoChan CUTE ADOPTABLE [closed] by MakiImoutoChan Human Adopt ~ Closed by rachel-aurora29 Saya Yamaguchi - Bio by Sparky-the-Scraggy/Ask Saya Anything by AskSayaYamaguchi A Gift: Shiloh for Sparky-the Scraggy by NARUFRO93/New OC Shiloh by Sparky-the-Scraggy Sam by Sparky-the-Scraggy Vanity by Sparky-the-Scraggy Amber Camellia by Sparky-the-Scraggy Digital Tingting by Sparky-the-Scraggy/<da:thumb id="424097602"/> PC May by OkamiTsume Erin Yashime by Sparky-the-Scraggy Fairy Tail OC by Sparky-the-Scraggy Team - Toue, Meiling, Sanji by Sparky-the-Scraggy

Tsundere Tactics Manga Cover by Sparky-the-Scraggy Kohaku Saito by Sparky-the-Scraggy Lucifer Reference Sheet by Sparky-the-Scraggy What are you looking at? (AT) by xGlitched-Creepx Akihiro Konata Kitsuyu and Sensei by Sparky-the-Scraggy Hidake - Contest by Hao-S/Hidake x Sai: Drawings pt 1 by Sparky-the-ScraggyArtTrade: DevotionShipping by Saido-Chan/Izumi on the Rocks by GaaraXEraXMatsuri Tanaka Mizu Reference by Sparky-the-Scraggy My Adventure Time Oc by Sparky-the-Scraggy/Jeffery by C0R4 REQUEST: DOKURO and KATSUMI by NARUFRO93/Naruto Oc Adopt Commission for Lena-Uchiha8 by Hazardous-Adopts**Please give him red-orange hair like in the first drawing** SC 1 by Mikisakiiro Daisuke Takeshi by Sparky-the-Scraggy Sparky the Scraggy by Sparky-the-Scraggy Team - Toue, Meiling, Sanji by Sparky-the-Scraggy

Random OCs - sparky-the-scraggy.deviantart.…
Sparky the Scraggy - sparky-the-scraggy.deviantart.…
Saki/Persona - sparky-the-scraggy.deviantart.…
Naruto OCs - sparky-the-scraggy.deviantart.…
Sonic OCs - sparky-the-scraggy.deviantart.…
My group with multiple drawings of OCs -…

I'm pretty sure that's everything.... Yup~!!
I hope you have fun drawing!!


1 - :icondarth-crumb:Darth-Crumb - Who Needs Swim Suits? by Darth-Crumb
2 - :iconmegaman2977:megaman2977Maya and Tiny Cole by megaman2977
3 - :icongasai-namisa:Gasai-Namisa
4 - :icontheinfinitefantasy:TheInfiniteFantasy
5 - :iconx-irus:X-irus - Dropped Out
6 - :iconhaileyz:Haileyz
7 - :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93Contest Entree: Sand Castle Fun! by NARUFRO93 Summer Contest Entree: Summer Beauties by NARUFRO93 Summer Contest Entree: Ocean Love by NARUFRO93
8 - :icontsukihii:Tsukihii - Summertime Madness! by Tsukihii
9 - :iconchromatic-amu-san:Chromatic-Amu-San - Boob Squeeze Contest thingy by Chromatic-Amu-San
10 - :iconsnazzy-panda:Snazzy-Panda - Contest by Snazzy-Panda
11 - :iconprettypinkneko:PrettyPinkNeko
12 - :iconnatt00mknr:natt00mknr
13 - :iconoflittlemistakes:OfLittleMistakes
14 - :iconxxkawaiisnow-chanxx:XxKawaiiSnow-ChanxX
15 - :iconsakurai-uchiha:Sakurai-Uchiha
16 - :iconbocchan23:bocchan23for SUMMERTIME MADNESS CONTEST by bocchan23
17 - :iconkatsumi29:Katsumi29:Contest Entry: Deredere Time by Katsumi29
18 - :iconyoony10:yoony10
19 - :iconjustmemerel:JustMeMerel - goodbye school hello beach! Contest entry by JustMeMerel
20 - :iconhalloween-ink:Halloween-Ink
21 - :icondark-lucifer-123:Dark-lucifer-123
22 - :iconriku-s:Riku-S
23 - :iconsketchyshade:SketchyShade Dropped Out
24 - :iconanimegirl7956:animegirl7956 Dropped Out
25 - :iconask-forest:Ask-Forest - Contest entry by Ask-Forest
26 - :iconmonstercat12355:MonsterCat12355 -
27 - :iconmintybat:mintybatcontest pic- Taishi and Takara by mintybat
28 - :iconxmidnight-nightmarex:XMidnight-NightmareX
29 - :iconiluminate18:Iluminate18
30 - :iconblinkingpink:BlinkingpinkContest entry - The Beach by Blinkingpink
31 - :iconnum8a:num8aLucy and Lena on the beach by num8a Lucy and Lena again by num8a
32 - :iconyamiriusu:YamiRiusu
33 - :iconhao-s:Hao-SContest .:On the beach:. by Hao-S
34 - :iconnarutokunoichi1010:NarutoKunoichi1010Contest Entry for Sparky-the-Scraggy's Contest by NarutoKunoichi1010
35 - :iconthepinkroseoftexas:ThePinkRoseOfTexasThe moment BEFORE it happens... by ThePinkRoseOfTexas

Art and CSS by xlolfishx
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July 30th..

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 6:52 PM
My Gallery Llama me??

My Birthday..
It's next Wednesday..
It's so close.
I'll be turning 19!!
All I really want from my family present-wise is 35 or so dollars JUST to get a game, so I hope I can get that..
I really want the game "Tomodachi Life" for the 3DS..
Damn, it's so much fun. I've played the trial, and I really want the full version..
I have invited a few friends to come over, so I hope they show up..
I will be thoroughly displeased if they don't show up, even though I invited them at the start of this month to come over specifically on July 30th.

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  • Reading: Well, my journal..
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Request: Bloom by lila79 [KIRIBAN] Naruto OC by YokoRe Miyu by steampunkskulls
Request - Nana by Haileyz
Req: .:: Lucifer ::. by KillerInstinctX
AT - Jackie by Haileyz
Commission: Hidake by Haileyz
Commission 2 for sparky-the-scraggy by S-Seiketsu
R: Lynn Yuu by StaleMeat

.:Hot Tea:. by EvilZera
R: Ayame Honoka by MelzyV
Commision: Lady in blue by HohoChiku
Bloom :) by GiusyB
AT - Date? by Ayakass
Commission - Nana by Tophlee
Request for sparky-the-scraggy by LadyLeio
[COM] Sparky-the-Scraggy [2/3] by PandasInMuffins
[COM] Sparky-the-Scraggy [1/3] by PandasInMuffins
[Commish] Sparky-The-Scraggy by OkayIlie
Saya Yamaguchi Profile by WitchOfStories
Saya's Tears by WitchOfStories
SC 1 by Mikisakiiro

Even MORE lovely art for me!!

Neji x Jackie - Photo Booth by Saido-Chan
Commission - Lena and Sakura Haruno by LegenSegerr
Commission - Lena by LegenSegerr
Itachi + Lena - Commission No.1 (2013) by WhatTheFoxBecca
Aaron x Misaki: the 60's by xanticheese
Kaden and Taishi by Darth-Crumb
Who Needs Swim Suits? by Darth-Crumb
Contest by Snazzy-Panda
Guess Who?! by guardian-angel15


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