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January 5


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Valentine's Day Contest!!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 5, 2014, 2:49 PM

^ o ^


Alright, so I had a Valentine's Contest last year, and it was my very first contest ever!!
I had a lot of people enter, and they all said they had fun!!
I hope to have as many good memories with this contest as I did with my very first ever contest!!

Draw one of my pairings listed, OR one of my single OCs with your own OCs or another CANON Character, and have fun with it!! C:
The deadline will be March 10th!!
If you read this, please write "Fluffy Bunny"

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:bulletgreen:You don't have to ask to join!! C: This is open to all deviants~!!
:bulletgreen:You may use a base!
:bulletgreen:You can draw in any media!!
:bulletgreen:You can submit as MANY entries as you'd like!!
:bulletgreen:You can even write literature for this, just make sure the personalities and such are right.
:bulletgreen:It has to be something based on love/lack of love and Valentine's Day!!
:bulletgreen:BE CREATIVE!! Don't just steal other people's original ideas~!! C:
:bulletgreen:Make random crack couples, pair one of my unlikely OCs with one of yours!!
:bulletgreen:Have fun!!
:bulletgreen:Oh, if it isn't too much trouble, if you could make a journal about this to spread the word, that'd be great!!
:bulletgreen:You can use a friend's OC if you don't have any AND if you have their permission~!!
:bulletgreen:Feel free to change any of my OC's outfits as long as they generally look like the same character....
:bulletred:PLEASE no bashing my pairings OR other contestants.
:bulletred:When I pick the winners, please don't get mad if you didn't win....
If you read this, please write "Sock Monkey"

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Izumi Ushiro and Sakura Haruno
Their relationship -
Extra information - Izumi's bangs cover a 'hole'. He is missing the eye behind his bangs, so if you wanna draw him with his bangs pulled back, please make an eye patch or bandage of some sort covering the eye socket as well, thank you~!! <33 Sakura in Shippuden, also~
vv References vv
SSE Event! Sakura X Izumi by LinaXxXHayabusa [Commish] Lena-Uchiha8 by OkayIlie Izumi + Sakura - Commission No.2 (2013) by WhatTheFoxBecca Sakura X Izumi Comic by Sparky-the-Scraggy

More references can be found here

Jackie and Vincent
Their relationship - Vincent is sort of Shy and really a Mother's boy. Jackie is very up-front and outgoing, and not afraid at all of herself or being honest. She doesn't like real people, so she tends to fall for anime guys she can't have, soooo, when she met Vincent, she said "You're hot!!" and ever since then, he's been her favourite guy!! I think she embarrasses him in public~ x'DD
Extra information - Jackie can really wear anything as long as you don't forget her glasses!! ALSO, Vincent is my Brother, Darth-Crumb's OC, so if you draw them, please don't forget to credit him for Vincent!! OH, and Vincent has Gauges in his ears and his right eyebrow is pierced. DON'T FORGET HIS PIERCINGS PLEASE!! ;-;
vv References vv
Vincent by Sparky-the-Scraggy (Request) Jackie by Hopelo Vincent MSPaint Doodle by Sparky-the-Scraggy :thumb410377572: Art Trade [with Darth-Crumb] by khei-kun
vv More references can be found here vv

Tingting and Neji
Their Relationship - Tingting is very shy with Neji, but she's not too shy to tell Neji he's very attractive, and a great boyfriend. Neji is somewhat shy when it comes to confessing he likes her, he refuses to say he loves her. He will protect her from, really anything. They're the normal kind of sweet sort of couple. She isn't a ninja, she's just a normal citizen, so she wishes Neji good luck when he goes on missions, and she asks Lee, Neji and Tenten to all be careful, and protect each other.
Extra Information - Tingting HATES Lee because he always calls her "TING!.... TING!" and he always yells "YOUTH" when she's hugging Neji. She gets really awkwardly embarrassed when she gets complimented, and when she makes a joke, and people laugh at it, she also gets an awkward feeling. ALSO, Tingting likes her hair down, and her dress is blue. Some of the reference pics may have a white dress, but her dress is blue. Neji in Shippuden~
vv References vv
:thumb424097602: Sparky-the-Scraggy, Request by Katie-Peak-A-Pie342 Commission -Pixel- by wafflerp Digital Tingting by Sparky-the-Scraggy Tingting Reference Page by Sparky-the-Scraggy

More References can be found here - 

Kakuzu and Kokoro
Their Relationship - This pairing is mainly a joke, please don't get offended by them~!! C'x They pretend they are "married" and Kakuzu calls Kokoro "Betty" and they always get onto each other and both of them accuse each other AND admit to cheating on them, then they say they love each other anyway, and forgive each other..
Extra Information - There really isn't anything extra to say.... ^^; In Kokoro's original story, he doesn't eat because he's a doll from outerspace. His kind was made here on Earth, by Scientists trying to perfect a way to make humans live forever in some way. They created this race, and then they tried to take over, destroyed the lab and made a home on some far away planet. They claimed the first planet and called it "Koro". Kokoro is the "kid" of the king, and his mission is to take over Earth, but when he came to Earth, he met friends and didn't really wanna kill anyone because of the few people who didn't cower in his presence because of his looks. Kokoro wears a white cap, white T-shirt, white shorts and white shoes.
vv References vv
Kokoro Commission by dsilvabarred Kokoro's Eyes by Sparky-the-Scraggy

More References can be found here - 
Kokoro only has two references -…

Nana and Sakura
Their Relationship - They're not really dating, but Nana has an unhealthy obsession with Sakura.... She doesn't really know what it means, but she really wants to kiss Sakura. Sakura is nice to Nana, like, if Nana came up to her, Sakura would smile and say "Hi, Nana!! How are you??" :iconsakura21plz: But Nana won't respond, she'll just stare at Sakura blushing like crazy, which will annoy Sakura and she gets angry and tries to smile a fake smile, "If you have nothing to say, I'll be going now." then Nana will watch Sakura as she walks away.
Extra Information - Nana has some split personality type thing. She's usually really quiet and shy, and she doesn't like to talk much. She's also sort of Tsundere in this way, but she isn't like a loud mouth or anything. She just reacts like "I don't like them...." sometimes she switches to an alternate personality if the one she loves is in danger and she goes ape-shit crazy on the one who's hurting her loved one.
Say, Sakura is being harassed by some big guy and for some reason doesn't wanna beat him up, Nana sees it she suddenly goes all evil mode and tells him in a monotone voice, "Let her go" then the man repsonds, "And what if I don--" and before he gets to finish, she's already in front of him, kicking him square in the face, "Don't touch her again" she says in the monotone voice again, tripping him to the ground and smashing his face in with her foot. //In turn, scaring Sakura a bit. I only say it scares her because she got scared when Sasuke broke Zaku's arms..//
Nana's skin is white, not any shade of peach-ish, but white..
vv References vv
Naruto OC contest by OfLittleMistakes Nana by Sparky-the-Scraggy .: Request series 1 / Sparky-the-Scraggy:. by MinatoP3-Tatty Commission - Nana by Tophlee :thumb422844579:

More references can be found here

Ayame and Tsubasa
Their Relationship - Usually, they're really cute. Ayame is really hyper, but Tsubasa makes her so shy and embarrassed, and she always stumbles over her feet and words when she's with him.
Extra Information - Ayame has BiPolar disorder, so sometimes things get a bit crazy, but he knows how to calm her down. She wants to be a great blader like Tsubasa is, because she wants to make her Mother proud. Her Mother used to be an amazing Blader, and her Mother used to be friends with Gingka's Dad, but they grew apart and her Mother died shortly after having Ayame, so her Father was always supportive of Ayame. He was scared at first to let Ayame go and to blading, but he knew it would be best for her!! Ayame's eyes are pinkish red. C:
vv References vv
R: Ayame Honoka by MelzyV Ayame by Darth-Crumb Url by Sparky-the-Scraggy AT - Date? by Ayakass [A.T] with Sparky-Jolteon by Runo2

More References can be found here - 

Akira and Sasuke
Their Relationship - This is sort of an OOC kind of relationship.... Akira and Sasuke flirt a lot with each other, and things get really hot and sexual between them. Of course, they're dating and their relationship isn't ALL about sex, but they do a lot of sexual things together. They go to strip bars together, they go to the mall, they flirt with other people sometimes, but it doesn't mean anything.
Extra Information - I don't have anything else to say..... .-.;; It doesn't matter which Shippuden outfit you draw Sasuke in, honestly.
vv References vv
Akira Kobayashi WITH DIGITAL COLOUR PALETTE by Sparky-the-Scraggy Akira Kobayashi by Darth-Crumb Ask Me Anything by AskAkiraKobayashi Sasuke Render by xUzumaki Sasuke Uchiha Render by xUzumaki

More References can be found here - 

Ryo and Lena
Their Relationship - They're married and they love each other very much. Lena has moments where she freezes in depression from remembering bad parts of her past, and she has self-harm scars on her arms.
Extra Information - Lena has a Son Sozuke that she had with her 1st husband before he died, and she adopted Yui with Ryo.
vv References vv
Lenaaaa Uchihaaa (contest entry) by emopandaoverlord Request by SakuraAyame Request for sparky-the-scraggy by LadyLeio Lena by MerrilyWeRosalynn Commission - Lena Page Doll by Akira-Melody
RYO'S NEW OUTFIT!! by NARUFRO93 Ryo's Groom outfit by NARUFRO93 Ryo's Answer #1 by NARUFRO93 
Ryo x Lena: Family Winter Photo (half done) by NARUFRO93 Summer Vacation? by NARUFRO93

More References can be found here - 

Jaden and Kalya
Their relationship - Jaden is a total jokester. He's nearly always hungry, and definitely always up for a duel!! He'll protect Kalya any time he needs to, and even if she was tripping from a short distance, he'd go out of his way to catch her before she hits the floor....
Extra Information - Jaden is very hyper, and super clumsy.... He duels all for fun, even though he wants to be the best, he doesn't mind losing. It's still a fun experience!! His favourite card is Celtic Gurdian.
vv References vv
Jaden Heartling New Outfit by Sparky-the-Scraggy Chapter 1 page 2 (light and darkness) by amane-bakura-chan PC - Lena-Uchiha8 by MusicalSweetie Jaden X Kalya by Sparky-the-Scraggy Ask Kalya 1 by xXNiroXx

More references can be found here - 



With these characters, EVEN IF THEY ARE LISTED ABOVE, you can draw them with YOUR OWN OCs, with OTHER CANON characters, or all alone on a Valentine's Day.

:new: Misaki - Misaki Aburai by Sparky-the-Scraggy :new:

:new: Akane - New Naruto OC - Akane by Sparky-the-Scraggy :new:

:new:Miyu - New Naruto OC - Miyu *BIO UPDATE* by Sparky-the-Scraggy Miyu and a Cat by Sparky-the-Scraggy Miyu by Darth-Crumb :new:

Saya - Ask Saya Anything by AskSayaYamaguchi Saya Yamaguchi Profile by WitchOfStories Request - Draw my OC by Jeca96
[[She loves cats, and her favourite anime character is Train Heartnet.]]

Bloom - Commision: Lady in blue by HohoChiku Bloom :) by GiusyB Request -- Bloom by FrostyChica
[[her hair is supposed to be dark blonde, and her dress is supposed to be white, but a blue dress is okay too!!]]

Shiloh - Shiloh by MerrilyWeRosalynn New OC Shiloh by Sparky-the-Scraggy Shiloh request by NekoAngels-Chan
[[She loves pianos]]

Kirika - Kirika Headshot by Sparky-the-Scraggy Kirika Takahashi by Sparky-the-Scraggy Kirika Walk Icon by Sparky-the-Scraggy

Tanaka Mizu - Tanaka Mizu Reference by Sparky-the-Scraggy Tanaka Attacks!! by Sparky-the-Scraggy Tanaka by xminxicat

Midori Mizu - Midori Mizu Reference Sheet by Sparky-the-Scraggy :thumb419207579: Midori Mizu by Sparky-the-Scraggy

Jaden Heartling - Jaden Heartling New Outfit by Sparky-the-Scraggy Chapter 1 page 2 (light and darkness) by amane-bakura-chan PC - Lena-Uchiha8 by MusicalSweetie

Felicity Sullivan - COTD Page 1 by Sparky-the-Scraggy Forbidden Love CE by Sparky-the-Scraggy [Commission] Felicity Sullivan walking icon by Lagoon-Sadnes

Jackie - (Request) Jackie by Hopelo :thumb410377572: Jackie by MerrilyWeRosalynn

Aaron - Aaron, my OC~!! Updated Voice by Sparky-the-Scraggy


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From :iconsparky-the-scraggy: A Fullbody drawing and a chibi bouncing thing like this - Bloom Bounce by Sparky-the-Scraggy
and 100:points:
From :icondark-comics: chibi, fullbody and headshot
From :icondarth-crumb: halfbody full coloured 100:points:
From :iconlinaxxxhayabusa: full coloured chibi
:icontsukihii:Tsukihii a chibi

From :iconsparky-the-scraggy: A fullbody drawing or a chibi thing like this - Bloom Bounce by Sparky-the-Scraggy and 5:points:
From :icondark-comics: chibi OR headshot
From :icondarth-crumb: full coloured chibi 50:points:

From :iconsparky-the-scraggy: A headshot or a chibi thing like this - Bloom Bounce by Sparky-the-Scraggy
From :icondarth-crumb: full coloured headshot

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1 - :icondarth-crumb:Darth-CrumbVincent and Jackie - Contest Entry by Darth-Crumb Contest Entry - Sasuke and Akira by Darth-Crumb

5 - :iconnarufro93:NARUFRO93Contest Entree: Anata o Aishite..!! by NARUFRO93

7 - :iconmarcoemma:MarcoEmma A Night Together - Contest EntryA Night Together 
Tsubasa lay sleeping with his face on his kitchen table until he heard a noise outside. He got up to investigate and found that the postman had put something in his mailbox. Pulling out the mail, he tossed everything into the trash until he came across a pink envelope with Ayame's address in the corner. He opened the letter and found that it was an invitation for him to come to her house that day, February 14, for dinner. Smiling, he put the letter away and checked his closet for something nice to wear. 
At the time indicated by Ayame, he arrived at her house and knocked on the door. CRASH! Something clattered to the floor in her house and he heard Ayame say shakily, "J- Just a minute." Tsubasa tilted his head curiously and leaned on the wall of her house. When five minutes had passed without a sound from Ayame, Tsubasa walked in and gasped. Ayame, with a tearstained face, was sitting on the floor. A red sauce was splashed all over her dress and the p
  The Best Medicine for Regret - Contest EntryThe Best Medicine for Regret
Tanaka looked at his mother, frowning. "Are you ok? You're so distracted."
"It's nothing," she replied, yet she kept looking up at the ceiling. 
"Fine, if you won't tell me what's up there, I'll check for myself."
Tanaka did not hear her for he was already going up the steps. As he rounded the corner, he bumped into something. Tanaka looked up and saw a man with shoulder length brown hair, sad gray eyes and pale skin. "Oh," Tanaka said, "Sorry mister." The man merely smiled and walked down the stairs. Curious, Tanaka followed him and saw him enter the kitchen where Midori, his mother, was. She smiled when she saw him and said, "Feeling okay?"
The man nodded and sat down. 
"What's your name?" Tanaka asked. 
The man shook his head causing Tanaka to look at Midori for an answer. "He's mute," she said quietly. 
The man nodded and pointed to a roll of parchment with ink and a quill next to it. Tanaka smiled and brought

9 - :iconboooooki:boooookiContest entry for sparky the scragy by boooooki contest entrie 2 by boooooki

13 - :iconyamiriusu:YamiRiusuKaede x Aaron Contest Entry 1 by YamiRiusu Contest Entry 2 (Izumi x Sakura) by YamiRiusu

15 - :iconai-ra:ai-ra
16 - :iconblinkingpink:BlinkingpinkWill you be my Valentine's? by Blinkingpink No pictures please! (Entry 2) by Blinkingpink

17 - :iconi-wuv-anime:i-wuv-animeHeart Shredder by i-wuv-anime

21 - :iconpyroute:pyroute - <da:thumb id="439494299"/>

25 - :iconemopandaoverlord:emopandaoverlord - <da:thumb id="438789179"/>

26 - :iconkatsumi29:Katsumi29Dancing With The Cherry Blossoms by Katsumi29

28 - :iconladymoomoo:LadyMooMoo
29 - :iconx-irus:X-irusCE: Huh?o-oh... by X-irus
33 - :iconkatie-peak-a-pie34::devkatie-peak-a-pie34: - Valentine's Day Contest! by Katie-Peak-A-Pie342
34 - :iconnagahashi-kae:Nagahashi-KaeYurie and Tanaka Dancing in the Rain by Nagahashi-Kae Kirika and Yuuki by Nagahashi-Kae
35 - :iconcloudiiskies:CloudiiSkiessparky-the-scraggy Valentine's Day Contest entry by CloudiiSkies

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If you got down to here, and read the whole journal, write "Valentine's Ball Dance"

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